Vibrant Sanitary Pads Night 7pcs


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  • It has 8 pieces of 285mm each
  • High Absorption capacity
  • Can absorb for up to 9 hours at peak
  • Absorbs Rapidly
  • No side Leakage
  • Constant Dryness


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Vibrant Sanitary Pads Night is an ultra-thin, soft and comfortable sanitary pad for a modern lady who is aware of her personal comfort and hygiene during her periods especially when asleep.

The Vibrant Sanitary Pads have a unique diversion and diffusion into front and back absorbs blood instantly to prevent side leakage. The soft and tender skin layer with softness and comfort shaped in a 3D funnel keeps the skin layer dry comfortable and soft. The pads have an air-laid 360-degree package to prevent mildew and bacteria.

Recommended for night usage, the form-fitting night extra longs are ideal for light flow to normal flow and give you over-night protection.

Now available at Kasha Kenya at best price.

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