O.B. Original Tampons Super 8s


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  • 9-12g rated Super absorbency tampons
  • Fluid-Lock Grooves for leak protection
  • With SilkTouch coating for that soft classic feel
  • 8 Original Super Tampons per pack


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  • Free pick-up at a Kasha Locations
  • Priority (within 1-2 hours): Ksh 500
  • Today (within 3-8 hours): Ksh 200
  • Tomorrow: Free!

* Priority delivery is available for orders placed between 9am - 5pm and same day delivery is available for orders placed between 12am - 5pm.

Free next day delivery in August

Experience true comfort with the trusted Original Super Tampons from O.B®. Thanks to its velvety SilkTouch coating, the super-absorbent tampons retain that famed soft classic feel, keeping you comfy all day long. You barely ever notice you are wearing these.

So you never have to worry about leaks and stains, the tampons come fitted with curved grooves that seal tight to provide enhanced leak protection you can trust, keeping you confident on even your most active days.

Designed especially for working women on the go, these unique tampons come in a discreet miniature package you can stash easily in small spaces, your purse or backpack, to ensure you’ve always got the protection you need.

However, don’t let the compact design of these tampons fool you. They are anything but small! The applicator-free tampons are cut to give you a perfect fit and feature a 9-12g absorbency rating that will hold its own on even those nerve-racking heavy flow days.

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