Nia Ultra Soft Sanitary Pads 10’s


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  • Sanitary Pads
  • For day and night
  • Soft Fit
  • 10 pieces


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  • Priority (within 1-2 hours): Ksh 500
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* Priority delivery is available for orders placed between 9am - 5pm and same day delivery is available for orders placed between 12am - 5pm.

Free next day delivery in August

Designed with the needs of girls and women in mind, Nia sanitary pads cater to everyday comfort and peace of mind. Nia is much more than just a pad, it’s a lifestyle that enables you to live your purpose.

Nia Sanitary Pads have a cotton-textured top layer that is soft to the touch and keeps skin dry and comfortable. They have a thick layer of premium quality, unscented pulp core with super-absorbent gel. Nia Sanitary Pads have strong wide adhesive wings for dependable all-day hold. These pads have an impermeable button layer for leak-proof protection.

Nia connects you to real people and services. Nia is more than a pad. Nia has partnered with ZanaAfrica Foundation to deliver innovative health education so girls can stay in school and live their purpose.

Support this Fast Moving Educational Good by purchasing Nia products from Kasha Kenya today and keep a girl in school.

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