Kotex Tampon Super 16 Pieces


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  • U by Kotex Click Regular Absorbency Tampons
  • Transforms into full-sized protection in one easy click
  • With a smooth tip for quick, easy insertion
  • Small and compact for easy discreet carry
  • Individually wrapped in three colorful designs
  • 16 Super tampons


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  • Free pick-up at a Kasha Locations
  • Priority (within 1-2 hours): Ksh 500
  • Today (within 3-8 hours): Ksh 200
  • Tomorrow: Free!

* Priority delivery is available for orders placed between 9am - 5pm and same day delivery is available for orders placed between 12am - 5pm.

Free next day delivery in August

Take full protection wherever you go with U by Kotex Regular Absorbency Tampons. U by Kotex Tampons give you all the protection you need in a slim, comfortable, ultra-portable design.

Designed for quick, easy insertion, the tampons feature a smooth, slender tip that is super easy to use while the superabsorbent tampon material expands on all sides for an inch-perfect fit and secure full coverage even during extended use.

Made for extreme portability, the tampons come in a compressed setup that transforms into full-sized protection in one easy click, further facilitating easy carry. They are small, compact, and individually wrapped so you can easily carry one in your purse or pocket, bringing the protection you need for when you need it the most.

Kotex Super Absorbency Tampons are lotion-free, latex-free and fragrance-free to eliminate any risk of irritation.

Use Kotex Tampon Super and get full-sized period protection in a small, dainty package to get you through all your active light to normal flow days.

Now available at Kasha Kenya!

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