Korie Sanitary Pads 10 Pads


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  • Same dependable design
  • Ultra-thin with wings
  • Firm glue that holds tight
  • 10 sanitary pads
  • Regular


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  • Free pick-up at a Kasha Locations
  • Priority (within 1-2 hours): Ksh 500
  • Today (within 3-8 hours): Ksh 200
  • Tomorrow: Free!

* Priority delivery is available for orders placed between 9am - 5pm and same day delivery is available for orders placed between 12am - 5pm.

Free next day delivery in August

If you are in the market for pads that feel soft, stick properly, and keep you feeling fresh all day, you should check out this set of premium panty liners from Korie.

With the same dependable design, featuring an ultra-thin and soft all-cotton fabric, and fitted with glue that holds tight for secure all-around protection, the classic pads retain that superior Korie quality, getting the job done in an effective and unobtrusive way.

The pads feature specially designed wings to hold the pad in place and provide that much needed extra coverage to protect your underwear from stains, even when you are at your most active.

The Korie Sanitary Pads are the perfect product for us ladies who like to stay fresh all day, every day.

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