Dentinox Teething Gel


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  • This is an effective relief from teething pain for children 5 months and above.
  • It contains Lidocaine and  Cetylpyridinium.
  • Content: Gum Gel


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If your baby’s teeth are leading to sleepless nights and fidgety feeding, just rub a bit of our Teething Gel on their gums. Try Dentinox Teething Gel from 5 months if non-medicated methods such as massaging gums or the use of teething rings don’t provide sufficient relief.

How to Use: Squeeze a pea-sized amount (0.7cm) on a clean finger or cotton pad. Rub gently onto your baby’s gum. Repeat every 3 hours, if needed, but no more than 6 applications within a 24 hour period.

Composition: Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic used to numb pain. Cetylpyridinium
is an antiseptic used to treat minor mouth wounds and infections.

Side Effects: Light burning, Tingling, or Stinging may occur.

Always read the label inside the packaging.

If you have any questions about using Teething Gel, talk to your health visitor, pharmacist or doctor.

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