Colgate Toothpaste (Kids 2-5years)Bubble Fruit 50 ml


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  • Toothpaste for Kids
  • Clinically-proven cavity and enamel protection that strengthens and protects developing teeth
  • Mild BUBBLE FRUIT® flavored toothpaste that kids love
  • Specially designed for kids ages 2 and up
  • 50 ml


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For pristine dental health, you kids should brush twice daily with a good toothpaste: one that removes plaque, help fight cavities, and thoroughly cleanses the mouth, without harming the delicate tooth enamel.

For reliable dental care your family can trust, Colgate Toothpaste (Kids 2-5years)Bubble Fruit contains fluoride for rigorous teeth cleanse, that lasts up to 12 hours at a stretch, and is infused with calcium to help restore tooth enamel and reverse early signs of decay.

Colgate Toothpaste (Kids 2-5years)Bubble Fruit is designed with a cavity-fighting formula to leave kids’ teeth sparklingly clean and strong. The active formula also gently lifts stains and whitens teeth, while the strawberry flavor helps to prevent burning and makes brushing a much more pleasing experience.

With the anti-cavity formula, Colgate Toothpaste (Kids 2-5years)Bubble Fruit helps to restore teeth damaged by acid-based foods. With proper use, Colgate Toothpaste (Kids 2-5years)Bubble Fruit provides absolute protection for kids against teeth damage, and other common dental ailments.

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