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  • Olbas Nasal Spray is used for stuffy, blocked nose.
  • This product is over the counter.
  • The bottle contains 20 ml


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Olbas Nasal Spray is used for stuffy, blocked nose; it helps to gently unblock the nasal passage in just two minutes, which helps prevent the spread of viral infections and bacteria, while the mint extract provides an immediate refreshing sensation.

This product is over the counter. Kasha Customer Support will reach out to the customer to confirm the order and ask if they would like to speak to a pharmacist before confirming the order.


  • Use up to 6 times per day
  • Shake the bottle before use
  • Spray in each nostril, with the head upright
  • Blow nose
  • Wash the nozzle with hot after each use and dry properly


  • It contains natural formula combined with essential oils of eucalyptus, niaouli and wild mint extract and mineral-rich hypertonic seawater.

Side effects

  • feeling sleepy (look for non-drowsy medicines)
  • irritation of the lining of your nose.
  • headaches.
  • feeling or being sick.
  • a dry mouth.
  • feeling restless or agitated.
  • a rash.

For additional information, read the leaflet in the packaging.

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