Erovita Midstream Pregnancy Kit


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  • Rapid pregnancy test, detect levels of hormones in urine that increases during pregnancy;
  • Urine Pregnancy Self-test
  • Single-use test
  • Single kit per pack
  •  This product is an over the counter medication.


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Erovita Midstream Pregnancy kit is a rapid pregnancy test used to detect pregnancy by detecting levels of hormones in urine; that increase when a woman is pregnant.

This product is over the counter (It does not require a prescription), Kasha Customer Support will reach out to the customer to confirm the order and ask if they would like to speak to a pharmacist before confirming the order.

Composition: urine strip for pregnancy test.

Usage: Follow the instructions on the leaflet inside the packaging. It can be easily used within the comfort of your home.

For more information, read the leaflet.

If skeptical about the results, please proceed to visit your doctor’s office for further testing.

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