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20 Simple Things to Do to Reinvent Yourself in 2020

December 25, 2019 • Joyner Musombi

As we approach the end of a decade, here are 20 things that we at Kasha think you should try out to make your 2020 memorable.

    1. Fix your finances

Money’s good only if you know where it’s going and what it brings back to you. It’s time to take that online personal finance class and know how money markets and shares work. This shall also be the year where you stick to your budget and file your tax returns on time, by yourself.

     2. 30 day challenge

Is there a habit that you have been trying to break or a new skill that you want to learn? Well, pinterest is swimming with loads of templates for different challenges that you can  try out to get closer to your targets. Create your board in preparation for 2020 today.

   3. Know your body

If it’s hurting you, cut it out; alcohol, certain foods, milk. This is the year that you make that first visit to the gynae and  take better care of your reproductive health. Take time to observe your entire cycle and write a list of things about your body that you would like to know for your doctor to answer.

   4. Visit a town or city you have never been to in Kenya

Have you been turning down that invite by a close friend to go visit their shagz? Take the chance and go experience life in a place you haven’t called home. Eat a different cuisine and dance to a different beat. Take a camera with you for your photo collage scrapbook.

   5. Read books

This is the best part to try a yearly reading challenge. Read for fun. Read to laugh. Read to cry. Read to learn. Just read to expand your horizons; creatively, emotionally and intellectually.

  6. Educate on something you feel closely drawn too

Plenty of the time we find ourselves speaking about the causes near and dear to our hearts at an emotional level. Mostly from our experience of the matter or views of how we would like it to be. This year, let’s be intentional about being subject matter experts by seeking out opportunities, literature and conversations to sharpen our minds.

  7. Learn how to cook for yourself

If you are eciate healthier good tasting food too.a super planner and know the cost of what you want, you already know that eating out has got to go. Okay, maybe not completely but definitely by a lot. Cooking for yourself will not only make your pockets fuller, it can also help you stick to your healthy eating goals.

  8. Go to Uhuru Park

Gottcha!! You know you want to feed the fish. The boat ride is a must-do for everyone who steps on the Nairobi soil. Just because we said so.

  9. Do at least one DIY project

Remember the photo collage we mentioned in our fourth point? That falls here. Is there a craft project you have been trying to do or that you dropped cause of all this adulting. Get back on that wagon and bring out the creative goddess that resides in your. She’s screaming to be let out to feel the sunshine.

   10. Keep Moving

Got a stitch while working out? Stretch and push on. Stopped reading a book midway? Open the page and sip your smoothie while at it. Your life is a dance and the best dancers persist through the change of the rhythm to create a masterpiece.

   11. Pause, don’t stop

And when you pause reflect, re-evaluate and re-align. There are times when it will get a bit harder to keep moving. These times are opportunities for us to step back and ask ourselves what matters most to us and how and what we need to get where we need to be. It maybe being a bit more patient with the process or being kinder to yourself. Journal, talk, cry, but don’t drop the ball.

   12. Add fun-time to your calendar

Dear Overachiever, just as you block out time to have your meetings and meet lifelines, have time blocks for fun. Whether it’s catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while or completing the puzzle that’s under your bed, use this time to unwind and recharge your batteries.

   13. Have a steady sleep schedule

The most expensive and precious luxury in this life is good sleep. A good night’s sleep gives your body organs time to relax and work better for you and to calm your mind of all its thoughts. To enjoy these benefits and to think and perform better, it is important that both your sleeping and waking times are set to a regular time.

   14. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables from your local market

Getting fruits and vegetables that are in season is a sure-fire way to gain the nutritious goodness of these food groups. Being in season also means that you achieve your goals from No.1 as they are cheaper and you only get what you need so less waste.

   15. 3 thank you’s for every complaint

Gratitude goes a long way to keep you steady. You aren’t ignoring the dark clouds, you are choosing the light from the silver lining to shine your path.

   16. Journal, daily

Write down about the insightful conversation with a random person at the bus stage or the one thing in the news that disappointed you or about how you couldn’t laugh at a 5 year old’s question about why adults act the way they do. Everyday is a page of your story. You will be surprised at how far you have come at the end of the year when you go through those pages.

   17. Clear the clutter

Plastic bags have been banned and so have those shoes that you wore 5 years ago or that empty gift box lying under your bed. Gift, donate or thrift what’s still in good condition and throw out the rest.

   18. Perfect a house chore

We all have that one house chore that we can do a bit better. Spring cleaning might feel like too much of a stretch, but close your eyes and imagine the space and freshness that will surround you when you wake up from that afternoon nap.

  19. Send out handwritten notes

Take things way back to your high school letter days; get that fancy paper, your list of music dedications and perfume. Be a little extra with your thanks, greetings and best wishes by curating heartfelt handwritten notes for the people you need to get in touch with

  20. Take up a cause you have put on a back burner

Finally, give back to that cause in your community breaks your heart a little every time that you think about it. Start where you can. Think Forest; Before the trees, there’s a seed. Slowly but surely you will get to see what a difference a little attention makes. Carry your friends and family along the journey, won’t you?

Merry Merry Bubbly Jolly Christmas!! See you in 2020 when we brave it out and go for the things we want.

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