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New Mum? Here’s 8 Ways to Help you Get your Groove Back After Having a Baby

February 17, 2019 • Margaret Kositany

New Mum? Here’s 8 Ways to Help you Get your Groove Back After Having a Baby.

You’re the happiest you have every been, you have finally laid eyes on your little one who was kicking your insides and how she/he is here. You’re happy and relieved to have your body back but let’s be honest your birthing experience has taken a toll on your body when bringing your little one into the world.

Because of these bodily and life changes, your confidence may have taken a dip. You’re low on sleep and you’re not particularly feeling as sexy.

 So how can you get your groove back?

  1. Take your shower hour as a moment to meditate and get your mind right.

Take 15-minute showers to meditate, clear your mind and refresh yourself. Those few minutes to yourself are key in helping you decompress and prepare you for the demands of your little one and family obligations.

  1. Get moving

If you have your doctor’s approval to start getting fit, Start slow with walks around the neighborhood get some fresh air. Connecting with nature as well as some form of exercise is good for the mind. When your baby has gotten into a rhythm find time for a quick work out. This will help you get back to your old self and also those endorphins will help you if your hormones are causing you the baby blues.

  1. Go out on date nights with your husband.

Understandably, you’re tired and barley get enough sleep. Date nights don’t have to be complicated you can have one indoors – order in and watch a movie. Make sure you have pumped enough milk for your little one to enjoy a glass of wine.

  1. Get pampered

Find a window in your day or set a day for pampering. It can be an express mani pedi or a massage. These days masseuse, hair dressers and nail artists do home visit’s. If you need some air and have good help make a quick dash out of the house to get your hair, nails or massage done. You can also do a DIY home pampering, paint your nails, have some scented candles and a bath, do a mask or facial at home and up the ante on your skin care routine.

  1. Spend some time with your Girlfriends.

Its important that you sustain your girlfriend relationships from before your baby. In doing so you will have a sense of self that is separate from your family and baby obligations. Have a weekly lunch date with your girls, or even a quick tea break. Engaging with positive friendships can be supportive and encouraging which helps you feel centered and grounded. Invite them over, order in.

  1. Make your home space a sanctuary.

You will be spending a lot of time at home make sure that your home is a space you can enjoy. Have some fresh flowers,

  1. Eat healthy

Eating well will not only help you with milk production but it will also help you shed those unwanted pounds. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and enjoy your herbal teas.

  1. Dress up even when at home

Make sure you take a shower, comb your hair and wear a little simple makeup to help you feel confident and beautiful. Avoid staying in your pajamas all day.



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