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What Contraceptive Is Best For You?

September 27, 2018 • Veronica Kimani


At Kasha, we believe that  contraceptives should be safe and effective and advised with good knowledge of one’s medical history and daily lifestyle. In the case of daily pills, this information can be used when exploring the options for women who may have experienced a stroke or blood clot and are advised to avoid oestrogen-containing contraceptives.

There are numerous forms of contraceptives available including oral contraceptives, intrauterine devices (IUDs), diaphragms, implants, condoms and more. Consulting a health adviser is a great way to begin your journey, refresh your knowledge of what’s new in the market and receive guidance on all questions and concerns you have.


As you know, condoms continue to be one of the most popular and trusted contraceptive methods in the prevention of pregnancies. They are easily accessible and require little to no medical contact following guidance on methods of use. Condoms are highly recommended for the important reason of being the only form of contraception which can prevent the transmission of HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and other sexually transmitted diseases. More so, condoms do not interfere with any medication you may be taking as they do not release hormones, and can be used at any time including during breastfeeding.

Condoms work as a barrier method. They catch the sperm once released and prevent contact between sperm and the vagina. Although condoms may interrupt sexual activity, it is important to ensure care to prevent breakage and that the condom is disposed carefully following each use.


Daily Pill

A good way to remember this contraceptive is through its name!The daily pill, a pill you take every day.

Ideally, this should be taken at the same time each day for regularised functioning and adaptation of the hormones by the body. There are a variety of pills available including the combined pill which contains oestrogen and progestin and works by preventing the ovaries from releasing an egg and simultaneously preventing the sperm from reaching the egg by thickening the cervical mucus and creating a barrier.  

Following the consultation of a health practitioner, one can opt for a pill which only contains the hormone progestin, especially for women whose side effects are a result of the hormone oestrogen.The pill is easy to use, doesn’t interrupt intercourse and is most suitable for women who like to be organised and create routines.


Emergency Pill

Emergency pills are the most popular forms of contraceptives following unprotected sexual intercourse. As the name suggests, they are there for emergencies- which happen to the best of us.

You can think of an emergency pill as a concentrated oral contraceptive which for best results should be taken in the first 12 hours after having unprotected sexual intercourse, and at most 72 hours. The emergency pill works by slowing the process through which ovaries release an egg. The pill also works by altering the lining of the womb on which a fertilised egg is implanted- ultimately preventing a pregnancy from taking. It’s recommended to discuss the use of long term forms of contraceptives after taking the emergency pill and explore options which may lessen the scare and urgency.  



The IUD (Intrauterine Device) is perfect if you are searching for a long term contraceptive method.  We are talking up to 5 or 12 years of little to no engagement following insertion!

It is a T- shaped device known to be highly effective due to the copper thread or copper cylinder  contained. The IUD works by releasing copper ions which function by weakening the movement of the sperm through immobilisation,  making it very difficult for them to move around the womb towards an egg. Every so rarely, when a sperm does make it through the multifunctional copper ions rush to implant on the lining of the uterus before a fertilised egg.

Following the advice and consultation of your health care provider, an IUD most suitable for you is carefully and professionally inserted into the womb through the vagina. What’s also great is you can choose to have it removed at any time- and once again, a well-trained health care provider will do this for you through a small medical procedure which is repeated when and if you choose to get pregnancy- allowing you to get pregnant immediately.

It’s important to note than IUD can also be used as a form of emergency contraceptive up to 5 days following unprotected intercourse. Did you know this?


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