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Crowning Glory Tips: Growing a Long, Strong Mane

August 28, 2018 • Margaret Kositany

For many women, hair is our crowning glory. Here are our recommended tips and secrets that we have borrowed from the experts around the world for that long glorious and voluminous mane:

  1. Wash & Deep Condition Every One or Two Week

Experts recommend a wash twice or 4 times a month to avoid stripping the hair of natural oils. The scalp massage during the wash is stimulating to your follicles and helps with growth. Generously apply a hot or natural oil the night before your wash and wrap to avoid dryness on the wash day.

  1. Trim those Ends

Avoiding the snip may end up cost you in length in the long run. Get a good trim once every 6 months to avoid frizzy ends and split ends. Split ends can cause breakage.

  1. Sleep with a Silk Bonnet

Sleeping with a hair bonnet will help you retain moisture. Causing the hair to be smooth and strands flexible Afro hair can get very dry and is, therefore, more prone to breakage. A silk bonnet prevents stripping the hair of oil which is caused by cotton pillowcases. If you can get something cute to wear to bed make sure you get it, if not buy a silk pillowcase.

  1. Avoid very Tightly Braided Hair or Excessive Protective Styling

Protective styles can be good in facilitating length retention, by minimizing daily manipulation but when misused or used excessively with no breaks, can cause traction alopecia. Traction Alopecia is female balding caused by braiding or weaving too tightly. Find you a professional hairdresser who can be gentle with your scalp. Give yourself breaks in between protective styles. Don’t stay in braids for more than 6 weeks.

  1. Use Sulphate Free Shampoos and Conditioners

Buy your own shampoos and conditioners which are sulphate free. Sulphates tend to have a drying effect on hair which contributes to breakage. Those salon shampoos and conditioners are a no-no.

  1. Nourish Your Hair from the inside

Good nutrition is essential in facilitating hair growth. Eat foods rich in MUFAs (Mono Unsaturated Fats) and essential Amino Acids, and other vitamins. You can also invest in hair supplements that facilitate hair growth.

  1. Avoid Over Processing Relaxed Hair

Over processing can cause scalp damage and burns which can contribute to hair loss and breakage. Use a professional hair stylist when using chemical hair straighteners.

  1. Use a Wig Cap when wigging it

Wigs are an excellent alternative to protective styling. Use a wig cap to prevent friction from the movement of the wig. The friction can also be a source of hair loss along the hair line.

  1. Dealing with Hair Loss

Avoid Tight Hair Styles or take a break altogether from protective styling. Wigs are a good option at this point. Use a hair growth treatment such as the Zerufi Organics Hair Growth Stimulating Oil to facilitate growth. Essential oils such as castor oils and Black Seed oils are said to be good for growth. Massage the affected area to stimulate the scalp. Give it about 6 months to see an improvement in the area. If there is no improvement seek consultation with a  professional Trichologist.




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